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We are a team of three consultants – Caitlin Griffiths, Helen Wilkinson and Maurice Davies – with long careers in the UK museum sector. We have extensive experience in strategic thinking, organisational change, project development, professional development, research, analysis, evaluation, writing, communication, advocacy and museum ethics.

We specialise in helping museums understand their strengths, identify opportunities think differently and work in new ways. We work with museums to increase the public benefit of their assets - their people, their collections, their buildings, their skills, their networks and their knowledge.

We want museums to improve their impacts and outcomes. From leadership development to collections reviews, we aim to help you ask new questions and find fresh answers.

We specialise in helping museums with:
  • Organisational development and change
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Professional development and training
  • Realising the full potential of people
  • Policy development

  • Rethinking collections
  • Evaluation, research, analysis, writing and editing
  • Building partnerships and relationships
  • Communications and advocacy
  • Project development, from ideas to implementation